A vehicle servicing is crucial in maintaining your car’s health and safe operation, allowing for the identification and repair of problems, as well as the general upkeep of your vehicle. Watling Tyres have created this checklist to run you through what happens at a car servicing.

Upon entry

When driving into the centre, the following checks will be undertaken:

ComponentChecks / ActionsInterim ServiceFull Service
Instruments, gauges and warning lightsCheck for operation✔️✔️
HornCheck for operation✔️✔️
ClutchCheck for operation✔️✔️
Windscreen washersAlignment and operation checked✔️✔️
WipersOperation and condition is checked✔️✔️

Inside the autocentre

ComponentChecks / ActionsInterim ServiceFull Service
Indicator lightReset✔️✔️
Diagnostic trouble codesError codes are recorded✔️
LightsAll lights are checked to ensure security and operation. This includes hazard lights, brake lights, fog lights, indicators and all front, rear, side and main lights✔️✔️
Number plate lightsOperation, security and condition all checked✔️✔️
Interior lightsOperation and condition checked✔️✔️
Seat beltsChecked to ensure they are in safe, working order✔️✔️
Front windscreenChecked for chips, cracks and damage✔️✔️
MirrorsOperation and condition checked✔️✔️
HandbrakeChecked to ensure safe, working order✔️✔️

Under the bonnet

ComponentChecks / ActionsInterim ServiceFull Service
BatterySecurity checked, battery cleaned and terminals greased✔️✔️
Brake pipesChecked for any signs of damage or corrosion, cable routing checked✔️✔️
Spark plugsSpark plugs are renewed for petrol cars✔️
Windscreen washer fluidLevels checked, topped up if necessary✔️✔️
Power steering fluidLevels checked, topped up if necessary✔️✔️
RadiatorChecked for damage and leaks✔️✔️
Air and fuel filtersRenewed (fuel filters only renewed on diesel vehicles)✔️
CoolantStrength and fluid level is checked using a dipstick✔️✔️

Underside of vehicle

This is where most of the vehicle’s pipes and hoses are checked, as well as wheel, exhaust and engine-related components.

ComponentChecks / ActionsInterim ServiceFull Service
Engine oil and filterOil is drained and the filter is replaced✔️✔️
Fuel pipesCondition of cable routing is checked, also checked for damage and corrosion✔️✔️
Brake pipes and hosesCondition of cable routing is checked, also checked for damage and corrosion✔️✔️
Radiator and coolant hosesCondition of cable routing is checked, also checked for damage and corrosion✔️✔️
Wheel balanceAll wheels are re-balanced, including any spare wheels✔️
Wheel bearingsCondition is checked✔️
BrakesA full check is carried out on all brakes✔️✔️
TyresA full check is carried out on all tyres✔️✔️
Wheel alignmentThorough check of wheel alignment✔️
Shock absorbersOperation and condition is checked✔️✔️
Steering and suspensionChecked for signs of damage and wear, working condition checked✔️✔️

Final Checks

There are a few final actions that need to be carried out before your car is returned to you. Firstly, the engine oil and brake fluid have their levels checked and topped up if required. Finally, we road test your car to check for any unusual noises coming from the engine; once this has passed without issue we will sign your log book and return your car to you.

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