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Spotlight On: Michelin Road 5 Tyres

If you’re looking for unbeatable grip on wet roads, the superior design of the new Michelin Road 5 motorcycle tyre is the answer for a safe ride in rainy weather, and will be launched in January 2018.

What is the Michelin Road 5 Tyre?

Conceived as a improvement of their Sport Radial tyre range, the new Michelin Road 5 Tyre exceeds many of its competitors by providing a motorcycle tyre that boasts outstanding wet-weather grip. Not only this, but dry weather grip and stability is also first-rate thanks to the use of the cutting-edge rubber compounds and an innovative casing technology.

What are they suited for?

Motorcyclists expect and demand high braking performance. As an advancement on the previous Sport Touring tyres, the the Michelin Road 5 tyre stills displays high braking performance even when worn with over 3000 miles of travel time. The innovative Michelin XST Evo technology employ wider sipes to increase the tyre’s land-to-sea ratio and therefore improve its ability clear water with total ease, meaning travel over wet ground is safe and simple.

What are the main features?

Has a high degree of wet-weather grip that far exceeds any chief competitors. This has been assured by the premier sipe technology, Michelin XST Evo, that combines expertly-designed sipes and reservoirs to slice through water, and thus boosting the water-clearance ability of the tyre.

  • Dry weather grip is also impeccable thanks to the latest generation use of rubber compounds.
  • Even when worn, these tyres still boast high braking performance for your driving enjoyment and safety.
  • Driving enjoyment and stability is improved in wet or dry weather due to the incorporation of the revolutionary Michelin Act+ technology, which delivers premier stability cornering and handling ability.

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