How To Kill Time In A Traffic Jam Infographic

In 2017, drivers in London lost 76 hours to traffic jams. Manchester motorists lost 39 hours, and overall, the cost of these jams is around £1,168 per driver.
Nobody likes to be caught in traffic; it makes us late to things, it gets in the way of our plans, and it’s just generally very annoying. While there’s always the short queues – the ones where traffic moves slowly for 5 or 10 minutes before picking up again – every driver’s worst fear is to be stuck in A Proper Traffic Jam. An enormous, mile-long, news-making, temper-fraying impasse that seems, for a while at least, like you’ll have to live in your car forever.

Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, if you’re unfortunate enough to get stuck in one of these behemoths, you’re likely going to have quite a lot of time to kill, and we’re going to help you do just that.

IMPORTANT: Since 2003 it has been illegal for drivers to touch their mobile phones whilst driving. This includes using a mobile to follow a map, read a text or check social media. If caught you could receive a hefty fine and points on your licence. The below activities mainly apply to passengers, but for the ones that do not require the use of a mobile phone you may partake in if you are a driver.

I Spy

A certified classic, and perfect to play if you’re stuck in traffic with small children in the car. Not so perfect if you’re on your own – you’ll win every time.

Learn a language

Attention all passengers: Now’s the time to become the linguistic genius you’ve always dreamed of being. Whether you’ve got some audiobooks to help you learn, or you’ve downloaded one of those very helpful language-learning apps, test yourself in the comfort and seclusion of your own vehicle.

Listen to a podcast

They’re all the rage now, aren’t they? There’s so much variety in podcasts now that whatever your tastes, there’s something for you. Millions of comedy, literature, discussions about music and even true crime podcasts are available to keep you company whilst sat in the car.

Play a game

Being in a traffic jam can raise your heart rate; after all, it’s everyone else’s fault you’re in this mess in the first place. To relax a bit, play a game on your phone (if you’re a passenger). Not Traffic Jam Simulator, though. That won’t help.

Browse the internet

Got a long-read saved that you’ve been meaning to get round to? Now’s your chance. Fancy scrolling your social media feeds and timelines? Now’s your chance. Internet shopping? Now’s your chance.

Phone a friend

If your car has one of those handy in-built speaker functions, or if you have the luxury of being able to give your car voice commands, it could be a perfect time to catch up. If there’s a friend or family member you’ve been meaning to speak to for a while, this is the perfect opportunity. Don’t ring your mate at 7am, though – they’re probably not too keen to speak to you then.

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