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Hankook Tyres Chosen as Original Fitment for Citroёn C3 Aircross

Fresh off the factory line, the new compact Citroёn SUV has been fully kitted out with Hankook tyres to complement its award-winning, innovative design.

The C3 Aircross is Citroёn’s latest contribution to the SUV market. With a compact design that’s full of personality, the Aircross is a highly customisable vehicle with a wide choice of driving modes for all weathers. Contributing to its superior standards of driveability is the original fitment of Hankook tyres.

CS Aircross’s Fitted Tyres

Depending on the customer and size requirements, the C3 Aircross will come fitted with either:

Hankook’s Kinergy 4S: All-weather, multi-performance tyres that boast a 10% braking reduction in snowy conditions, and a measured improvement to both dry and wet handling.

Thanks to the addition of two different sipe types, the Kinergy 4S possesses both summer and winter capabilities, making for first-rate driving all year round.

Hankook’s Ventus Prime 3: Summer tyres that perfectly balance safety and performance, and with an improved water clearing system in place, and high grip silica compound to improve dry and wet traction.

A Strengthened Relationship Between Citroёn & Hankook

The addition of these tyres into the Aircross C3 was welcome news to Hankook. Tony Lee, the Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Hankook Tyre Europe, was quoted as saying:

“We are looking forward to a strengthened relationship with the second largest car manufacturer in Europe, now adding the Citroën brand as well. Since we deliver original fitment tyres to the sister brands Opel/Vauxhall and Peugeot, we see great potential for more intensified cooperation, particularly on the European market, which is very important for us.”

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