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Spotlight On: Hankook’s Kinergy 4S (H740) All-Season Tyres

What is the Kinergy 4S All-Season Tyre?

True to its name, the Kinergy 4S tyre offers expert handling and tyre performance for all seasons. Achieved through unique and innovative tyre design, Hankook have created a product that can handle treacherous winter weather, but also master dry/wet summers. Benefits include: reduced rolling resistance over water and snow, improved traction, and high braking and handling performance in all weathers.

Why are they different to other tyres?

The contact patch area for the Kinergy 4S All-Season Tyres overtakes most conventional tyres by up to 5%, boosting the braking performance on low-grip surfaces, such as icy and snowy roads.
A greater number of tread blocks, a reinforced belt, and two different types of sipes means that traction is improved, along with enhancement of the handling performance and cornering grip.
10% braking reduction in snowy conditions, and a 6% improvement on both wet and dry handling.

What are their main features?

  • 3D sipe locking system which works to strengthen block stiffness by supporting the tyre during even the worst road conditions.
  • Summer sipes allow for summer capabilities, and ensure that the quality and performance of tyres is maintained in dry and wet conditions; this is done by strengthening the stiffness of the treadblocks.
  • Winter sipes allow for winter capabilities by making sure the tyre can perform at premier standards in icy, snowy conditions.
  • Needle-lateral grooves, coupled with cross-over angles, are responsible for high traction and braking performance which is optimised for many types of road conditions.
  • Tread width that ranges from 135mm – 255mm
  • Available in 80 different fitments.
  • High grip silica compound promotes grip, traction and lowers the rolling resistance.

Hankook Tyres at Watling Tyres

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