Are You a Stereotypical Driver?

road rage

The road rager is incensed by you having the temerity to be on the same road as them. Before you ask, no, your driving is not to their liking; go faster. Go slower. Indicate more. Indicate less. Who knows.

Boy Racer
Boy racer

What’s that roaring exhaust you hear coming up behind you? An Italian supercar? Wrong. It is the boy racer, who has fitted an exhaust the size of a dinner plate to his P-reg Vauxhall Tigra. It doesn’t sound ‘roaring’, actually – more like several blenders – but he wants you to know he is on the road.

The Overtaker

You become aware of their presence when their headlights appear so close to your vehicle it seems like they’re almost in the backseat. At the earliest possible opportunity, they’ll slingshot past you, becoming a dot on the horizon. Until you catch them up at the next set of lights.

The Slow Driver
the slow driver

Yes, we know, it’s a speed limit, not a target. But there has to be boundaries. If drivers are (quite rightly) not allowed to go 20mph over the speed limit, then people can’t drive 20mph under it, either. Trundling along, with not a care in the world. People have places to be!

The Distracted
distracted driver

Everyone has been behind a driver at the lights when they’re on red, and when they turn to green, the car in front still does not move. “Surely they’ll notice”, you think, but they don’t, and then a symphony of horns behind them finally alerts them to the fact it’s time to go. It doesn’t matter by then, though, because the light is turning back to red. Stay where you are.

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