Spare Tyres: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re unclear about whether you require a spare tyre, how they affect MOTs, what the benefits of spare tyres are, and how to fit one if you experience a puncture, you’re probably not the first person to be confused about this topic. To help you get up to speed, here’s everything you need to know about spare tyres.

Is Having a Spare Tyre a Legal Requirement?

the legality of spare tyres

No, keeping a spare tyre in your car is not a legal requirement according to UK law. However, it is still advisable to carry one in your vehicle, as well as a jack.

Why Should I Carry A Spare Tyre?

car with spare tyre in boot
Kitting your car out with a spare tyre and a jack could help you avoid a lot of hassle if you run into trouble on the roads. Getting your car back to road-ready standards after a puncture is especially vital if you’re travelling to remote areas, or abroad, where callouts may not be as responsive. Many people don’t carry spares because they take up room and are fairly weighty, however space-saving alternatives are available as a temporary measure until you can get yourself to a garage for a full-sized one to be fitted.

Is a Spare Tyre Checked as Part of an MOT?

spare tyre in MOT
No, spare tyres are not checked as part of an MOT. This is because the tyre is not physically fitted to the vehicle itself, and therefore is under no obligation to meet legal standards. The only time this will be an issue is if a temporary, space-saving tyre is fitted to the vehicle itself at the time of the MOT, in which case the MOT will be likely to fail.

What Are the Different Types of Spare Tyres?

types of spare tyre

  • Full-Size Matching Spare: Full-size tyres that match the ones already fitted to your vehicle.
  • Full-Size Non-Matching Spare: Full-size tyres that may be a different size to the ones you already have fitted to you car. Always check the legality of these tyres in relation to your particular car.
  • Full-Size Temporary Spare: Full-size tyres, but are more lightweight than ordinary tyres, and will also have a shallower tread depth. They should only be used as a spare.
  • Compact Temporary Spare: A lightweight tyre that is smaller than standard tyres, with a shallower tread depth. Their main advantage is their space-saving ability.
  • Folding Temporary Spare: A temporary spare tyre that is also collapsible/inflatable.

How Do I Change a Tyre?

If you’d like information on how to change a tyre, we recommend taking a look at our tyre changing process which shows how our engineers change a tyre safely.

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